Electrically-driven products

One of the most important services we offer is the delivery of solutions based on our platform for electrically-driven products. Power Assist Technology is a flexible platform which enables the use of electrically-driven products such as wheelchairs, esense hoists, installation kits for hospital beds, and patient handling trolleys. Esense Power Assist Technology is developed and produced in-house by Indes.

One platform, multiple versions

Our esense Power Assistance Technology platform has a flexible, modular structure. For example, it handles sensor signal processing and motor control similarly across a variety of products. Specific requirements for support can vary depending on the user’s situation, such as method of activation, installation dimensions, and speed. The design of a drive kit differs per product, which we fulfil with a tailor-made esense Power Assist solution. You can use existing, proven components and configure them for your own products.

Improving mobility and capacity

The esense Power Assist Technology is intended to support the user’s own capabilities. The WheelDrive, for example, offers assistance for wheelchair users as and when they need it, which means they can maintain a degree of independent mobility. In addition to this, esense Power Assist Technology can be flexibly configured to set its driving behaviour for specific situations, resulting in an optimal user experience.

User-oriented development as a basis for succes

Indes’ approach is focused on continuously improving the user experience, and we actively involve end users in our entire development process. Incorporating their feedback during the development of our esense Power Assist products enables us to achieve sustainable market success. We’re always happy to hear “thank goodness for Indes”!

Indes focuses on contemporary innovations in healthcare. They are able to convert working theories to practical and responsible solutions.

Robert BlokzijlRSR

Indes is the go-to partner for development issues regarding innovations that improve healthcare services. Their user-oriented, cross-chain approach accelerates the development process.

Evert Jan KlipMofixx

They simplified the development process and came up with good ideas, and we brought the product to market in a successful partnership.

Tom MyklebustHandicare

They combine the best of both worlds – design and technology – to create an intuitive and user-oriented product. Indes is a pleasant, approachable, and skilled partner to work with.

Guy SchofieldPortsmouth
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