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Mofixx – precision innovation for the OR

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Ergonomic work in the OR

UMC Utrecht and Indes collaborated on a research project exploring improvements in minimally invasive surgery. This research looked at whether the laboratory prototype developed by UMC Utrecht was a viable candidate for further development into a commercial product. The prototype had already been assembled by UMC Utrecht and tested for clinical usability. Indes examined the prototype to look for usability options and how to produce it as part of a series.

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Evert Jan Klip


Is the clinical prototype a viable product concept and it is suitable for production and marketing as a cost-effective medical device with CE approval? 

This question has been split into the following sub-questions:

  • Does is solve a significant existing problem and is there a demonstrable market need on which a promising business case can be built?
  • Does this solution align with technological developments and does it respond to the scarcity of operating theatre assistants?
  • What are the product costs involved, and what investments are required for development, production, and certification?


The technical usability concept is split into a reusable arm and a set (tray) with disposable (single use) components. The objective was to avoid sterilisation of parts and ensure straightforward installation and ease of use during procedures, for an optimal user experience with the desired ‘wow’ effect. Users of this product are operating theatre assistants, who prepare the camera setup, and surgeons who work with the device during surgical procedures.

Indes also drew up a business plan to approach investors regarding starting a new company. The result was Mofixx BV, for which Friesland Zorg Participaties and van Straten Medical joined Indes as investors.


  • Clinical prototype further developed into a validated, high-end Moffix product
  • Funding acquired and a separate organisation created for development, production, and sale
  • Successful, high-quality development and production process for the Moffix arm and Moffix trocar
  • Successful practical use cases and roll-out within operating theatres at various hospitals
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