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Indes Bike Parts is part of the Indes group. Indes Bike Parts specializes in the development of bicycle carriers. Our products are designed from the user’s perspective, with a focus on user-friendliness, comfort, safety, and usability.

Indes Bike Parts is a pioneer in the field of bicycle carriers. Already in the 1990s, we started the development of models like the ‘Easy’ (introduced in 2000) under the Twinny Load brand. Since then, we’ve continued to develop bicycle carriers using the latest innovations and techniques.

Mission of Indes Bike Parts

Indes Bike Parts aims to make the daily lives of cycling enthusiasts easier with safe and user-friendly bicycle carriers. The use of these bicycle carriers promotes sustainable and broader transportation options, enhancing the health of users and benefiting the environment as well.

Products Indes Bike Parts

Your OEM partner

Indes Bike Parts operates as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), producing bike carriers for various partners. We manufacture entire products sold under other company names, ensuring the highest quality and performance.


Diverse Fietsendragers

Beyond the Movanext brand, Indes Bike Parts proudly supports other prominent brands, including XLC and Stella, offering a wide range of bicycle carriers.

Do you want to learn more? Contact us for further information. Your cycling adventures are about to get a whole lot easier and more enjoyable with Indes Bike Parts.

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