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Intuitive support that helps healthy working

Since its inception, Indes has remained active in the development of electric wheelchairs (Skwirrel) and electric consumer bicycles (Sparta, Accel). Thanks to this accumulated expertise, our Power Assist technology, and market opportunities, Indes has developed a product portfolio binnen Healthcare. We carried out research within healthcare institutions into work that involves excess physical strain and therefore loss of productivity. The most taxable work turned out to be pushing and pulling beds, hoists, and other rolling equipment.

“Indes staat voor relevante innovaties in de zorg, zij zijn in staat ideeën van de werkvloer om te zetten naar praktische en verantwoorde oplossingen.”


Robert Blokzijl
Meneer Kooi


How can we best help users of hoists beds, and other rolling equipment prevent physical strain?

This question has been split into the following sub-questions:

  • Is it possible to reduce the force involved in using our Power Assist Technology?
  • Which functional and user requirements do nurses require for a solution?


After carrying out user studies and interviews, Indes and its partners worked together to develop a number of prototypes with its Power Assist Technology. These prototypes were tested to confirm they reduce the force involved in starting, stopping, and manoeuvring. Based on the test model and user studies, it emerged that the concept met a market need and had a positive impact. The development and production of the new hoisting systems focused on compactness, user-friendliness, and universal applicability. After successful testing and feasibility studied, Indes prepared a business case and applied for several patents.


  • New product family of hoists, universally applicable for different weight classes and electric/manual drive;
  • Proven social technology that demonstrably reduces physical strain and promotes healthy working;
  • Successful roll-out, further development, and integration of esense Power Assist Technology within various hospital bed aids, patient handling trolleys & meal serving trolleys;
  • Excellent production & service organisation that guarantees high quality and optimal performance of esense.
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