Product development

Indes creates products that excel in practice and are easy to use. Thanks to our structured development process, we keep costs to a minimum and reduce the time-to-market. By the time your product reaches the market it reliably meets the end user’s needs and challenges. We achieve this by maintaining a focus on the end user throughout the innovation process. Our own tried and tested UCID® (User Centered Industrial Design) – developed in-house – is proven to increase sales!

Market knowledge and analysis

Indes is focused on healthcare and mobility, markets we have extensive knowledge of. We also maintain an extensive network, stay up-to-date with developments and are aware of challenges. This allows us to create successful and profitable products, fully tailored to market requirements and opportunities.

They combine the best of both worlds - design and technology - to create an intuitive and user - oriented product. Indes is a pleasant, approachable, and skilled partner to work with.

Guy SchofieldPortsmouth

They simplified the development process and came up with good ideas, and we brought the product to market in a successful partnership

Tom MyklebustHandicare

Indes focuses on contemporary innovations in healthcare. The are able to convert working theories to practical and responsable solutions.

Robert BlokzijlRSR

Indes is the go-to partner for development issues regarding innovations that improve healthcare services. Their user-oriented, cross-chain approach accelerates the development process.

Evert Jan KlipMofixx
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